IMG_4671Welcome to Zunguka! We are a storytelling platform celebrating the diversity and variety of life, place, and human experience. The Swahili word “zunguka” means “to wander, meander, go all around.” Historically, the term was first used to describe colonists and explorers in East Africa, referring to their propensity for getting lost, even when spinning around the same spot. At Zunguka, we find this an appropriate metaphor for life.

The human brain is wired to respond to narrative: we communicate with stories, we remember stories, we dream stories, we need stories. Storytelling allows us to heal, to breach walls, to repair and begin relationships, and to combat the effects of hate and intolerance across the globe.

IMG_3220Zunguka is an international collection of stories of place and of people – from the extraordinary to the everyday. Zunguka’s mission is to encourage peace-building and community-building through allowing site visitors to explore countries and cultures in a more connected, interpersonal way.

As a visitor to zunguka.org, you are also invited to share a story, a photo, a piece of art, etc. of your own. Share your personal narrative: of home, of travel, of work, of transit. Share the stories you have overheard or encountered. Share the stories that have shaped you. The human story is of infinite breadth and depth – so explore it, revel in it, find comfort in it.

Questions or comments about Zunguka or our mission?  You are more than welcome to email Kendra at kendra@zunguka.org.