You expect the sand to be forgiving,

but it will claim all of you,

everything you have while

your mind is fixed on the incandescent glow of the horizon.


You expect the clouds to be protecting,

the shade on your shoulders burns deeper than the sun’s hues.

but the shade is ten times more ominous,

and instead is a catalyst of charcoal against your body.


Even the breeze gently soothes-

bringing fresh salt gritty air into your nostrils,

making you weep for the humid storm to come and cleanse.

It is also the greatest magician in deceiving you into feeling,

more comfortable than your skin can stand.


The ocean holds false pretenses and dreams.

It’s bottled messages, a sign of peace, solidarity-

The absence of loneliness across waters who claim souls.

It is strong with arms that crash and snatch you whole.

The ferocity of its intentions relieve you of your awkward-

human feet, and carry your being into its depths-

Where you settle in limbo wit holy relics, like

The once holy Arizona.